LevelOne FCS-8005 PC Based DVR : integrate 4 analog CCTV cameras into an IP network, bundled with 32- Channel NVR Software

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Integrating the old with the new

As more and more security networks are making the move from analog to digital, there are many businesses that are stuck in the middle. What do you do if you just purchased a CCTV system, yet you want the flexibility and functionality of IP based surveillance?

LevelOne’s FCS-8005 is the answer for you. By integrating your existing CCTV cameras into a feature-rich digital network, you can hold onto your investment while taking advantage of new technology.

Add up to 4 cameras on a single PCI card

The FCS-8005 is a digital capture card that allows the recording and live monitoring of up to 4 CCTV cameras. In addition to recording and monitoring, users benefit from the advanced features of digital surveillance like motion detection and video enhancement during playback.

High-quality and Internet viewing

With high-quality MPEG compression available at up to 60 frames per second, images are always crystal clear and consistent. And most importantly, your CCTV cameras will be available for viewing over the internet, an attractive feature for shop and business owners that need to keep an eye on important assets while they’re away.

Key Benefits:
•Add up to 4 analogue CCTV cameras in a digital IP based surveillance environment
•Provides 2 channel audio input
•High frame-per-second capturing capability
•Support for both NTSC and PAL video format
•MPEG4 compression for Internet video streaming