Yeastar S20-LTE S20 VoIP PBX with 4G card installed, adds Voice over LTE capability

Combination of S20 PBX and LTE card for Voice over LTE (cellular data)

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Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX with 4G (LTE) installed.

Save time with streamlined installation and maintenance tasks using our advanced auto-configuration, auto-detect and plug and play capabilities.

Performance and Power
Designed with the small and medium sized enterprises in mind, this PBX supports up to 20 users, 10 concurrent calls and is built using the very latest technology. The Yeastar S-Series delivers exceptional cost savings, productivity and efficiency improvements, delivering power, performance, quality and peace of mind.

No licensing costs for a full-featured IP PBX system.
(*Additional specialised features available for a low cost, one time license fee.)

Benefits of an On-premise PBX
Having on premise PBX gives customers:

  • The control to create, adjust and delete users as desired
  • New open source features can be added with no/low license fees
  • Carrier independence
  • VoIP trunks can be added to save on calling costs
  • Reduction of overall costs after the initial system is paid for

The all new S-Series is engineered for the communications needs of today and tomorrow, and with the Yeastar unique modular design future proofs your investment choice.

The Easy-to-use Solution
The S-Series features fast installation with comprehensive auto provisioning, advanced plug and play capability, together with an intuitive Metro UI driven by point-and-click configuration, from any location.
Your Choice of Technologies and Features
With a unique modular design, the S-Series will install into the most demanding of environments. You can also take advantage of advanced enterprise grade features with the fullest and most complete software versions.
Telephone System without Risk
S-Series is built with the future in mind, utilizing the latest technology advances, from Freescale industrial grade Quad Core processors, TI DSP voice processors, and long-life power units and lightning protection.
Play Safe and Expect Reliability
With advanced failover, security, monitoring and reporting capabilities as standard, combined with an internal firewall and with support for TLS and SRTP encryption, there has never been such a robust system.

  • Works with SIP/IAX2, PSTN lines, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM/3G/4G
  • Built-in call recording capability
  • Powerful Apps (add-ons) include Auto Provision, LDAP, Conference Panel, VPN Server, and more coming soon
  • Free lifetime software/firmware upgrade and above all, it’s super easy
  • Connect multiple sites and remote users instantly
  • No hidden charges and extra licensing fees
  • Low power consumption

The installed 4G LTE Module provides full voice capabilities, high speed data transmission for S-Series VoIP PBX, supporting 3G/4G network standard, Voice over LTE, and powerful SMS features.

Yeastar enables 4G cellular data on SIM card with 4G LTE Module, making the 4G LTE become the primary internet connection for S-Series VoIP PBX. Supporting 3G/4G network standard and high speed data transmission, the 4G capable S-Series VoIP PBX can register SIP trunks and make SIP calls with built-in data. VoLTE is also possible with carrier support.


  • Using 4G LTE as the primary internet connection for S-Series VoIP PBX
  • Providing 4G LTE network failover for business continuity
  • Calling with VoLTE for faster voice connection and better call quality

Software Features

Automated Attendant (IVR)
Attended Transfer
Blind Transfer
Call Back
Call Detail Records (CDR)
Call Forwarding
Call Monitor
Call Parking
Call Pickup
Call Recording
Call Routing
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Custom Prompt
Dial by Name
Distinctive Ringtone
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Event Center
Email to SMS/SMS to Email
Fax to Email
Follow Me
Mobility Extension
Multi-language System Prompt
Multi-language Web GUI
Music on Hold
One Touch Recording
PIN List
Phone Provisioning
Real-time Status Monitor
Ring Group
SIP Forking
Speed Dial
Time Condition
User Portal
User Permission
Video Calls
Voicemail to Email
Voicemail Forwarding