QNAP Releases Security Center

QNAP Releases Security Center to Actively Monitoring NAS File Activity and Providing Security Measures to Enhance Data Security

Safeguard your QNAP NAS system against ransomware and attacks.

See full story - https://www.qnap.com/en/news/2024/qnap-releases-security-center-actively-monitoring-nas-file-activity-and-providing-security-measures-to-enhance-data-security

Key features in Security Center:

Active file activity monitoring (Beta)
Security Center supports the all-new “Unusual File Activity Monitoring” feature from QTS 5.2 / QuTS hero h5.2. It proactively detects unusual file activities on your NAS. Users can monitor the system status using Security Center to track the average count of unusual file activities, allowing them to be aware of any potential security threats, and take quick response actions.
• Instant security measures
If unusual file activities are detected, Security Center performs three instant security measures (Protection/Backup/Interruption) against threats: enabling read-only mode, creating volume snapshots, or pausing snapshot scheduling. As event alerts are triggered, the system will automatically enable the selected security measure against ransomware threats, malware attacks, or human error to minimize the risk of data loss.
• NAS security status scanning and checkups
Security Center checks for weaknesses, flexibly runs manual/scheduled security scanning and checkups, and detects potential security threats to secure NAS system. Moreover, users can easily check security advisories released by QNAP Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).
• Customized security policies
Users can configure their own security policies (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) based on the security requirements of network environment, which effectively increase the security checkup accuracy of NAS system.
• Instant alert notification
When risk alerts are triggered, users can receive alerts via email or mobile push notifications for not to miss critical risk assessment information, and take control of the latest NAS system status.
• Anti-virus and malware removal software integration
Security Center integrates virus scanning or malware removal software to completely secure NAS. Users can install Malware Remover, McAfee Antivirus and QuFirewall from QNAP App Center to provide all-round NAS protection.

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