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Voice over IP VLAN on Alta Labs Managed Switches
Using the Alta Labs cloud management platform, it's quite simple to configure your VLAN for use with IP phones. This video shows how easy it is to set up a voice VLAN and the two methods used to assign a voice VLAN to a switch port.
Using Notifications
If you want to manage your notifications in Alta Labs cloud management software, check out this quick "how to" to manage notifications about device disconnect or WiFi access - per user!
Security Features: Certificates
Don't open yourself up to potential threats of online attackers while installing new IT equipment, managing equipment, or utilizing web interfaces! Alta Labs management platform is built from the ground up, with security being their highest priority!  Check out some of the ways they’re keeping you secure in this video.
Switches: Web Interface
Monitor and manage your networks from the convenience of your web browser. The management interface is easily accessible via phone, tablet, or computer browser. Sign up for an Alta Labs account using just your name, email, and password or use Google Authentication.
AltaPass Multi-Password Technology
Imagine PPSK on steroids. Alta Labs is revolutionizing the way you configure and manage your networks. After making a splash with the debut of their access points and cloud management platform, competitors caught wind of their new patent-pending AltaPass multi-password technology and started touting their use of the Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) standard. The only problem, AltaPass is not that. So what is AltaPass?
Using WiFi Hotspots
Hotspot functionality is built-in! Create your own local hotspot with a logo, title page, terms of service, and a final landing page. You also have the option to redirect to an external URL. Check out this tutorial on how to get started.
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Alta Labs are led by industry professionals with over 50 years of experience. Their goal is to create accessible, intelligent networking products that make your enterprise, office, and home experience more powerful and more reliable. They are committed to providing professional-grade products that make connecting and managing your network easier for everyone. This is all done with real people who want to help you answer questions about our products, or help you deploy your next world-class network!

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