The future of business runs on 5G



Connectivity is what brings your organisation’s services, applications, and integral data to life. Now that 5G is here with fiber-fast connections and wireless flexibility, is your WAN ready?

Moving beyond wires from a traditional wide area network to a Wireless WAN — one powered by highly-reliable cellular broadband — opens the door to seamless 5G integration for fixed and temporary locations, vehicles, and IoT devices. Thus equipped, organisations are positioned to rev up existing applications while enabling new innovative and immersive ones.


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Transformation of the Network Edge

Rapid expansion of the network edge enables a vast array of new locations, innovative services, and digital transformation initiatives. The combined effect is greater operational agility, built on the broad reach and expanding capabilities of Wireless WANs. These invisible but powerful networks, based on 4G LTE and 5G technologies, deliver fast, secure, and flexible connectivity wherever and whenever it is needed for enterprise, public sector, and critical frontline emergency services.

Whether you are investigating immersive customer experiences, seeking wireless failover for larger sites, or needing bandwidth-intensive applications on the road, the possibilities of 5G in enterprise use cases start now.

Cradlepoint unlocks the power of advanced cellular through wireless edge solutions that are delivered the way you consume everything IT: as a service and managed in the cloud through a single–pane–of glass. Explore the business benefits of a 5G-capable Wireless WAN.




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