Endless possibilities with embedded websites in NVR layout



Endless possibilities with embedded websites in NVR layout


The latest update to ACTi’s NVR 3 includes a new feature – users can now embed webpages into their live view layout. This feature allows users to create a truly customized solution for their individual needs. The video above uses the example of embedding a list of SOPs for a variety of emergency situations that could happen in a factory environment. In the form of a simple checklist, the embedded webpage is able to help security personnel respond to a situation more quickly and efficiently.




Solution for discreet video and voice recording


ACTi covert cameras are the ideal solution for discreet surveillance. The popular Q14 and Q112 pinhole models are now also offered in a kit which includes a high-quality microphone and a unique mount that disguises the camera as a small speaker.


In the event of a robbery, the hidden camera recording audio and video won’t be tampered with and could provide a critical piece of evidence for investigation.


It is also the perfect solution for retail, restaurant or hotel surveillance where the camera discreetly captures interactions with customers for quick dispute settlement or employee training purposes.



Q14-K1 | Q112-K1


Product Type

Pinhole Covert


Maximum Resolution

2MP | 5MP


Low Light Sensitivity

Superior | Standard


Horizontal Viewing Angle

84.5° | 70.2°


Audio Type

Built-in Microphone, Line-out


Bundled Accessories

Tiltable “Speaker” Mount


Mount Tilt



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Ruggedized NVR with built-in PoE for mobile vehicle


ACTi introduces MNR-320P and MNR-330P, its new standalone NVRs certified for excellent performance in mobile vehicles. The ruggedized units can resist vibration and shocks while recording video and audio from up to 16 cameras on its SATA hard drive. They feature 4x PoE ports for easy connection of cameras without having to use PoE injectors. The models have a built-in G-Sensor and GPS sensor and their wireless capabilities can be enabled via an optional WiFi/4G module.


The MNR-330P has a more powerful CPU than required for standard operations. This CPU can be used to gain additional benefits, such as reserved computing power for analytics like ALPR, extra smooth video live view and playback or extra reliability for highly critical projects.



MNR-320P | MNR-330P


Maximum Number of Video devices




H.265, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG


Built-in PoE Connectors




Yes (Wi-Fi, 4G need optional accessories)


PoE Output

Maximum 15.4 Watts per port


PoE Power Budget

Max. 30 Watts


HDD Interface

Maximum 1 2.5" SATA disk



CE, FCC, UL, CCC, BSMI, e-Mark


Additional Computing Power (MNR-330P)





ACTi and Ricoh Asia Pacific form Strategic Partnership


ACTi announced strategic partnership with Ricoh Asia Pacific, a leading office solutions company, to bring the complete portfolio of ACTi products and solutions to thousands of Ricoh’s existing and future customers.

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