US Congress Banning Dahua and Hikvision, Defend yourself against SamSam ransomware, More...

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  • US Congress Banning Dahua and Hikvision

  • Defend yourself against SamSam ransomware

  • DrayTek Vigor2926 Series router review

  • Robustel LoRaWAN Gateway

  • Rogue botnet vulnerability in RouterOS Winbox service

US Congress Passes Bill Banning Dahua and Hikvision

The bill banning US government use of Dahua and Hikvision products has been passed by both chambers of Congress (House vote, Senate vote). The US President has voiced support of this bill and is expected to be signed into law.
The impact is already being felt. Hikvision has 'promoted' / removed their USA CEO and pulled out of the ASIS GSX show, amidst intense criticism and struggling sales worsened since the House bill was passed in May. Also, Dahua's head of overseas business was removed.
Source: IPVM
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How to defend yourself against SamSam ransomware

The good news is that the SamSam attackers aren’t looking for a challenge. They want easy targets, which means that getting a few of the basics right gives you a very good chance of keeping them out.
The bad news is that if they do get a foothold in your organisation they can dig in quickly. They don’t deploy the SamSam malware until they’re able to act as a Domain Admin, which gives them high ground from which to attack.
SamSam hackers have been seen changing their tactics during attacks and they will spend hours, and perhaps days, getting it right. If one approach doesn’t work they’ll try another and another, and if security software stops the malware from running, they’ll look for ways to disable it.
Source: Naked Secuity
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DrayTek Vigor2926 Series Dual WAN Gigabit broadband firewall router review published on

A flexible business-focused router with excellent redundancy and VPN features.
VERDICT “A high-end router that's user-friendly enough to suit smaller businesses, yet powerful enough to give excellent internet redundancy and handle large-scale networks spread across multiple locations.”
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Robustel has officially launched its new LoRaWAN Gateway 

The R3000 LG is an industrial-grade LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) gateway, integrated with LoRaWAN wireless communication and cellular network technologies, providing users with seamless long-distance data transmission.

Take a look at the intro video here :

Rogue botnet using a vulnerability in the RouterOS Winbox service

Security Alert : A rogue botnet is currently using a vulnerability in the RouterOS Winbox service, that was patched in RouterOS v6.42.1 in April 23, 2018.

All RouterOS devices offer free upgrades with just two clicks, so we urge you to upgrade your devices with the "Check for updates" button, if you haven't done so already.

Steps to be taken:

- Upgrade RouterOS to the latest release
- Change your password after upgrading
- Restore your configuration and inspect it for unknown settings
- Implement a good firewall according to the article here:

All versions from 6.29 (release date: 2015/28/05) to 6.42 (release date 2018/04/20) are vulnerable. Is your device affected? If you have open Winbox access to untrusted networks and are running one of the affected versions: yes, you could be affected. Follow advice above. If Winbox is not available to internet, you might be safe, but upgrade still recommended.

More information about the issue can be found here:

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