Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Coverage

Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Solutions


Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Solutions solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by a weak cellular signal. Models are available for all our major carriers - Vodafone, 2degrees and Spark networks and are ideal for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story homes, remote settings, marine, and vehicles.

They are also seriously easy to install and operate!

Cel-Fi is unconditionally network safe, as it prevents interference with mobile operator networks. They are very installer friendly, provide optimal coverage and automatically adjust to changing network conditions. See the video link below for an example installation. Solutions range from plug & play to enterprise level, but in each case provides the industry’s highest Max Gain

Up to 100dB!!

The Problem

Cellular signals are inhibited or blocked by trees, hills, building materials such as concrete wall/floors and bad weather.


The Cel-Fi Solution

GO Spark Building Extender Kit, Wideband LPDA and Ceiling Dome Antenna GO2 Vodafone Outdoor Extender Kit, Omni and Panel Antennas
PRO Smart Signal Booster for 2Degrees 3G, 4G and LTE



Talk to the team at SnapperNet now for options on your carrier and deployment requirements and we can match a device to your project. Please note that each device is locked to a carrier, some carriers also require pre-registration of the device so get in touch and we can certainly help!

Products https://www.snappernet.co.nz/products/brand/98/cel-fi
email sales@snappernet.co.nz
phone 094154182

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