Ready to go, multi-tenant, full feature PBX solution

Vodia Multi-tenant PBX
Ready to go, multi-tenant, full feature PBX solution

If you’re after a feature rich multi-tenant PBX solution then you should consider Vodia PBX from SnapperNet.
Vodia PBX is an easy to license multi-tenant system with all the PBX features enabled from the start.

Super easy and no initial cost.
You simply need to contact us and order a Vodia multi-tenant license, at no initial cost.
Then download and install it wherever you want it hosted, and you only pay for what you use on a monthly basis.
This solution is licensed per extension, per month. And you’re only charged for the extensions you use in that month – regardless of the number of tenants. (i.e. 2 tenants with 100 extensions each, is the same as 100 tenants with 2 extensions each)
Full featured.
You get the full Enterprise Edition feature set. No need to order feature add-on's  - and no need to worry about features being there one month but not the next :|

Want to know more? Email or phone for details.
Phone 09 415 4182

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