DrayTek workshop day one a success

Day one done. Ready for day two

Day one of the DrayTek training workshop offered participants with the principles and configuration procedures for DrayTek Multi-WAN routers. The course started with basic WAN configuration practices for DSL, Ethernet WAN, LTE and Wi-Fi WAN, and extended to associated functions for multi-WANs including Load Balancing, Failover and High Availability. The third part of the course covered VLAN functions to allow SME customers to set up internal networks to suit business applications.

Today participants will learn to configure and use the routing capability in DrayTek routers. They will start with an introduction to IP basics which looks at IP addressing and routing protocol options used in DrayTek routers. Static and Dynamic route modes will be discussed followed by practical hands on sessions for each of these routing modes.

In addition, Load Balance/Routing Policy which is an extension of the routing capability in DrayTek routers, including a practical hand on session will be covered.

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