Introducing Vodia PBX

Introducing Vodia, leading-edge IP-PBX software specially developed for Service Providers & Value-added Resellers.


Vodia PBX is designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. Offered as both CPE as well as hosted deployments, it can run on all major platform Windows, Linux or MAC OS, and supports all SIP phones - with automatic provisioning for the mainstream phones like Yealink, Polycom, snom, Cisco, Grandstream, and more.

Some Advantages of Vodia PBX include:

•Zero startup costs

•Low infrastructure costs

•Linear pricing

•True Plug & Play

•Bring your own SIP devices and trunks

•Full white-labelling

•All standard and advanced features included for one-price

•Voicemail-to-email, Fax-to-email, SMS/MMS integration

•Click-to-call, WebRTC phone


•Multi-tenant, single server

Do you want easy provisioning of all your favourite SIP devices?

Vodia works with Yealink
Vodia works with snom
Vodia works with Grandstream
Vodia works with Bria
Vodia Works with… insert your favourite phone brand here.

Do you want platform flexibility?

You can have Vodia any way you want it – Linux, Mac, Windows, Docker, On-Premise, In the Cloud, Hardware, Software, Yearly license, Monthly fee, Stand-alone CPE, Multi-tenant...

Do you want multi-tenancy?

You can manage several organizations through a single instance of the Vodia software.
Jeff does it…

Are you an MSP?
Want to bill your customers monthly and not have to pay for a one year termed license up front? Easy. Ask us how.

Want a free PBX?

Email to order your free Vodia software PBX (Standard Edition, 4 Simultaneous Calls)

Want Respect from your PBX vendor?

If you’re tired being mistreated by your existing PBX supplier, and want a vendor that treats you with respect, talk to SnapperNet about Vodia.

Need consistency?

It's hard to do business when the rules keep changing. VoIP resellers need constancy and reliability, and don’t need surprises. SnapperNet and Vodia understand that.

Want to transfer a config from 3CX?

Easily transfer your existing 3CX config to a Vodia PBX instance: Ask us how.

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