Selling 3CX, Update your Yealink Phones, Linkus Goes Gold, Sophos Intercept X - Now with EDR

In this edition:

  • Selling 3CX Phone Systems. A Guide
  • Sophos Intercept X - Now with EDR
  • Yeastar Linkus Goes Gold
  • Call out to all 3CX users that are currently using Yealink IP Phones

Selling 3CX Phone System. A Guide.

So you have checked out 3CX – installed the product, convinced yourself. Now you need to convince your customer or maybe your CEO – to get the OK to invest in a brand new VoIP Phone System. 3CX have put together a guide that helps you “sell” 3CX and get buy in. The guide provides you with some initial questions you need to ask your customer, 3CX’s unique selling points, such as the competitive pricing and how 3CX compares to competitors, overcoming objections as well as some Dos and Don’ts.

What’s included:

  • Why does the customer want a new system?
  • Charting out the customer requirements
  • The Site Survey
  • Planning the proposed system
  • Which 3CX license?
  • The Quote
  • Key Selling points
  • The Deployment – preparing for the installation

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Sophos Intercept X - Now with EDR
The best endpoint protection is about to get even better! Intercept X Advanced with EDR is a new offering that integrates intelligent endpoint detection and response (EDR) with the industry’s top-rated malware and exploit protection. Further details will be announced ahead of the product release on November 21st. In the meantime, take a look at this...


Yeastar Linkus Goes Gold

A new version of the Yeastar Linkus Unified Communications App has gone gold! Along with a host of optimizations, this update comes with the much-anticipated Mac Desktop support and includes a brand-new user interface for desktop client, providing easier communications, better usability and more immersive experience.
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Call out to all 3CX users that are currently using Yealink IP Phones

This is a call out to all 3CX users that are currently using Yealink IP Phones and are on firmware version XX.83.0.20. Yealink would like to urge you to update your devices with the latest firmware as soon as possible, version XX.83.0.55. 

This can be done easily from within the 3CX Management Console from the “Phones” section. Select Yealink IP phones which show this current firmware version. 

If the new firmware is not automatically shown use the PBX update function to pull the latest firmware. 

Important: If you do not update your XX.83.0.20 firmware to XX.83.0.55 and a newer version is released in the meantime then you will have to update all your devices manually via the device’s web interface!





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