MOBOTIX MX-A-SPA MxSplitProtect IP66 Installation Box, PoE Splitter with Protection

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  • Weatherproof installation box with integrated 4-kV surge protection for connection (Type 2 P4) to two IP cameras / PoE devices using one Ethernet cable 
  • Interfaces (weatherproof): 1 LSA (with shield clip) for Ethernet 2 100Base-T, 2 MxRJ45 for Ethernet 100Base-T with PoE Mode A, 1 protective earth terminal 
  • IP66 and IK08, ambient temperature: -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F) 
  • Accessories (available separately): MxSplitProtectHR Hat Rail module (Mx-A-SPA-HR), cover with camera mount in three versions (Mx-A-SPCA-M/-H/-V), pole mount (MX-MH-SecureFlex-ESWS)
  • Housing color: white

The MxSplitProtect enables users to connect a maximum of two IP/PoE devices using one Ethernet cable to the supplying PoE switch – weatherproof and protected against power surges. In addition to new installations, you can cost-e?ectively make expansions to existing video surveillance systems, such as installing a second IP camera or a PoE infrared illuminator to a pole with an IP camera already. The MxSplitProtect o?ers a simple means of adding an additional Ethernet cable from the PoE switch in the electrical cabinet to the pole.

Split Function:

An MxSwitch (MX-SWITCH) is installed in the electrical cabinet to connect a MOBOTIX camera with the MxIRLight Infrared Illuminator. It is supplied with power via a 48-V power supply unit (2 A min.) and as a MOBOTIX Switch special feature, it uses separate wires to supply the power required by the camera and IR illuminator via the installation cable in order to supply both MxSplitProtect ports (left: data and power for the camera; right: power only for the IR illuminator). A standard PoE switch is not suitable for such applications.

Protect Function:
In addition to providing two RJ45 sockets to connect the network devices via the MOBOTIX patch cable (MX-OPTCBL-LAN, permitted length: max. 1 m), an LSA terminal connector to connect the 8-wire Ethernet installation cable and the terminal connector for the ground wire, the MxSplitProtect provides effective surge protection of up to 4 kV on the PoE cable.

Please note:
The MxSplitProtect protects against surges of up to 4 kV on an Ethernet cable, but not against direct lightning strikes (which exceed 4 kV!). A specialist should establish a surge protection concept and implement such a system in order to reduce the danger of damage as much as possible.