Yeastar S300-PMS Char PMS Integration Application for S-300 IP PBX

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PMS Integration with Yeastar IP-PBX
PMS integration with hotel telephone system makes automatic guestroom phone related operations and effortless internal communications possible.

Integration of hotel telephone system and Hotel Management Software / Property Management System is frequently required by the hoteliers to streamline operations, unleash manpower, retain client data, and provide timely records. As a result, various operations can be performed by the reception staff directly within the PMS. For Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, PMS integration is even easier with “char utile h+ Integration App” and EasyLynq. With the App installed and activated on S-Series VoIP PBX,  the PMS middleware “char utile h+” will connect the S-Series PBX and the client’s property management system (PMS) to realize the billing, wake-up call feature engaged with Hotel PMS. Integrated with EasyLynq, S-Series VoIP PBX will be able to fully integrate with popular PMS like MICROS-Fidelio to broaden its performance scope and deliver easy hospitality operations.

The combination of Yeastar IP-PBX and 3rd party PMS middleware enhances the centralised or on-property features for the hotelier. And hotels will be able to:

  • Check-in and check-out
  • Manage room status via the room phone
  • Schedule wake-up calls
  • Transfer call data records to your PMS
  • Receive voice messages
  • Set Do Not Disturb

Hotel PMS Supported by char/Easylynq

  • ASSD
  • Hiltons OnQ
  • IDPMS (Hotel Concepts)
  • MICROS-Fidelio
  • Protel
  • Other PMS middleware and hotel PMS are available on request.