QNAP TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP-16G-R2 12-Bay TurboNAS, SAS 12G, SAS/SATA 6G, Xeon E3-1246 v2 3.5GHz, 16GB RAM

12-Bay SAS NAS/iSCSI/IP-SAN Unified NAS Enclosure
Rack kit included


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QNAP TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 is the world's first unified NAS supporting Auto Tiering to deliver ongoing optimization of data across high-performance SSD, 12Gbps SAS drives and high-capacity SATA disks. Powered by an Intel® Xeon E3 CPU, the 40GbE-ready TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 delivers exceptional performance and supports cross-platform file sharing, comprehensive backup solutions, iSCSI & virtualization applications, and more practical business functions. With the powerful QTS operating system, the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 performs as a reliable, scalable and unbeatable unified and tiered storage solution for businesses.

12-Bay TurboNAS, SAS 12G, SAS/SATA 6G, Xeon E3-1246 v2 3.5GHz, 16GB non-ECC RAM, 4-LAN, built-in 2 10Gb SFP+, 40G network-ready, iSCSI, RAID 0,1, 5, 6, 10, 5+spare, 6+spare, 10+spare, global hot spare, max 32 GB RAM, max 8-LAN, PCIe expansion slot x2, redundant power supply, With Rail Kit Included

  • 12 x 2.5"/3.5" SAS/SATA Drive Bays
  • 3.5 GHz Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 Quad-Core
  • 16GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 10 GbE, 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 4 x USB 3.0 Ports, 4 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and JBOD
  • 3,800+ MB/s Throughput and 260,000+ IOPS
  • 256GB mSATA Modules for Caching
  • iSCSI and Virtualization Ready
  • QTS Operating System

Enable Auto Tiering with Qtier Technology

QNAP's Qtier Technology empowers the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 with Auto Tiering that helps continuously optimize storage efficiency. With Auto Tiering, the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 can automatically move hot data to high-performance storage tiers and cold data to lower-cost, higher-capacity drives, making the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 an extremely efficient shared resource. Businesses will no longer have to invest heavily in expensive Flash technology, but can still enjoy strong application performance and lower TCO of storage from Auto Tiering with the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2

12 Gb/s DataBolt Advantage

Implementing DataBolt technology, the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 can deliver up to twice the throughput for 6 Gb/s SAS drives by automatically aggregating the bandwidth from 3 Gb/s and 6 Gb/s drives to fully utilize 12 Gb/s, effectively accelerating the existing infrastructure


The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports 12 Gb/s SAS drives to provide fast data transmission speeds and drive up to 3,817 MB/s throughput and 260,441 IOPS. Powered by a 3.5 GHz Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 Quad-Core processor with 16GB of DDR3 non-ECC RAM, the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 enhances the efficiency of CPU-demanding tasks and serves more concurrent tasks

SSD Cache Acceleration

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 features two pre-installed 128GB mSATA modules, and there are no limits on using SSDs for caching. By installing high-performance SSDs, the IOPS performance of storage volumes can increase. It is well-suited for improving the overall workflow of random IOPS demanding applications such as database and virtualization. The internal cache port design reserves the space of the hard drive tray for more storage capacity

Removable Motherboard Drawer for Easy Maintenance

With the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2's removable motherboard drawer, IT administrators have easier access in upgrading/installing RAM, the internal cache, a 40GbE adapter, and other components. The motherboard itself can be removed and replaced without needing to remove the heavy TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 from the rack cabinet, making it especially useful in maintaining the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 in data centers with multiple rack cabinets

40GbE To Your TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 offers four built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports and features two inbuilt 10GbE SFP+ ports that deliver a 10 Gigabit high-speed network. If 10GbE is insufficient for some workloads, the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards with 10/40/56 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to deliver cost-effective computing and storage Ethernet inter-connection solution. It helps achieve a higher throughput for high-performance embedded I/O applications and virtualization acceleration. Businesses can greatly benefit from the fast, flexible storage network of the 40GbE-ready TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 for boosting their mission-critical IT performance

QTS - Simple and Efficient

Thanks to the intuitive user interface of QTS, your NAS experience is smarter and smoother. Its modern flat design streamlines loading times and the intelligent desktop allows you to find desired functions quickly, create desktop shortcuts or group shortcuts, monitor important system information on a real-time basis, and open multiple application windows to run multiple tasks concurrently, bringing greater working efficiency

Volume & LUN Snapshot Simplifies Restoration

QTS Storage Manager adds an easy-to-use web-based snapshot tool for you to easily backup and restore data on the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 back to any point of time to help prevent loss of important data. You can take snapshots for both volumes and LUN, efficiently replicate volume/LUN snapshots to remote servers by copying only the changes made, and quickly clone a volume/LUN snapshot as a local volume without interrupting the current system operation. You can even set up the system to automatically take a snapshot of the volume before backup via RTRR/rsync, even when the file is opened

Seamless Capacity Expansion

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports online capacity expansion by cascading multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures to meet the needs of growing business data. With QNAP scale-up solution, total storage capacity can be gradually expanded on demand. It is especially useful for large data applications, such as video surveillance, data archiving, and TV broadcast storage. Supported RAID expansion enclosures include the REXP-1220U-RP and the REXP-1620U-RP

QNAP Flexible Volume

QNAP's flexible volume provides a more secure and flexible way to store NAS data. This volume offers features such as storage pooling with multiple RAID group protection, a thin provisioned volume with space reclaim, block-level iSCSI LUN, and online capacity expansion. The QTS Storage Manager neatly presents tools and options for managing system storage which simplify the process of NAS capacity expansion and QNAP RAID expansion enclosure management

Qsirch - A Smarter, Faster Way to Search

Quickly and easily find documents, photos, videos, and music with Qsirch, QNAP's built-in NAS search application that lets you find what you need by real-time, natural search. Simply type in as much as you know about what you are trying to find, including parts of the file name or even words/phrases in the document, and Qsirch will display a list of matches - complete with thumbnails - as you type. Qsirch even remembers your search history so you can quickly navigate to files you've previously searched for. Qsirch is a huge productivity boost that can help to greatly reduce the time spent looking for files on the NAS, allowing you to focus on other tasks

Monitor and Manage Multiple NAS with Q'center

Q'center turns your TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 into a central management system to manage multiple QNAP NAS units. After installing Q'center in the QTS App Center, you can use the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 to centrally manage multi-site QNAP NAS for monitoring system logs, manage firmware updates & maintenance, and enjoy benefits including ease-of-use, cost-efficiency, convenience and flexibility. Managing multiple QNAP NAS becomes easy and efficient

Cross-Platform File Sharing, Centralized Data Storage

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports SMB/CIFS, NFS, and AFP protocols for file sharing across Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX networks. Data, logs, and ISO images of CDs and DVDs can be centrally stored on the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 and protected by an integrated anti-virus solution. The Windows AD and LDAP services enable system administrators to configure user permissions by using existing Windows AD server, LDAP server, or NAS build-in LDAP services

Backup Solutions to Secure Data

The QNAP NetBak Replicator supports real-time and scheduled data backup on Windows including Outlook email archiving. Apple Time Machine is also supported to provide Mac OS X users with a solution to effortlessly back up data to the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2

Disaster Recovery Solutions

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 offers various data recovery options. RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) supports real time or scheduled data backup to a remote QNAP NAS or FTP server and synchronizes files to a remote folder from a local folder with better backup efficiency and reduced backup time. The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 also supports rsync protocol to back up data to another remote server on a scheduled basis. Data can also be backed up to and restored from a range of cloud storage services, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft OneDrive, Windows Azure, ElephantDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex, Google Cloud Storage, and more

Comprehensive Security Options

In an open network environment, business data may be exposed in a potential hack. The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 provides numerous security options, such as encrypted access, IP blocking, and more. Besides, IT administrators can control the access rights of each user to different folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files. The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 is validated with military-level FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption, preventing sensitive business data from unauthorized access and breach even if the hard drives or the entire system were stolen

Storage for Comprehensive Virtualisation Applications

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports VMware and Citrix, and is compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012, benefiting flexible deployment and management in virtualization environments. The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports VMware VAAI and Microsoft ODX to help increase performance by offloading server loading for ESXi server and Hyper-V respectively, and supports QNAP vSphere Client plug-in and QNAP SMI-S provider with enhanced efficiency of operations and management in virtualization applications

Run Multiple Operating Systems on the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2

The Virtualization Station transforms the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 into a 2-in-a-box NAS that can function as an all-in-one NAS and a virtualization platform supporting multiple operating systems, fast virtual machine (VM) creation, VM backup & restoration, VM import/export, snapshot, and enables desktop operations in web browsers. With an easy-to-use interface, you can centrally manage every VM created on the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 with minimal effort. You can download VMs on demand from online VM markets and import them to TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 to use directly without any complex procedures

Container Station - LXC and Docker Containers Inclusive

QNAP Container Station integrates LXC and Docker lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux systems on the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 as well as download apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry. It supports container import/export and permission settings and features an informative dashboard and flexible user interface for you to manage multiple containers. You can experience the amazing Container Station and enjoy the playground of virtual containers with the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2

Storage Solution for Video Editing

Digital video production produces a significant amount of data that requires high-performance storage with sustainable throughput to meet the demanding output of video editing. The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 fulfills storage and video editing needs with a high-speed 10GbE network interface. Videos can be quickly stored and edited on the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 directly over the network

File Synchronization Across Multiple Devices

The Qsync utility turns your TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 into a safe data center for file synchronization with a large storage capacity. Any file uploaded to the TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 will be made available for all linked devices, such as computers, laptops, or mobile devices. Qsync is especially useful for frequent travelers to manage files and have the most updated files on different devices. Qsync provides multiple ways of file synchronization and group file sharing, enhancing the flexibility of collaboration

Comprehensive Surveillance Solution with 24/7 Security

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2's Surveillance Station offers a professional surveillance solution with a user-friendly management interface, a wide range of over 3,000 compatible IP camera models, and expandable IP camera channel licenses. It supports real-time monitoring, video & audio recording, and playback with a wide range of customizable settings. You can also install the Vmobile app on your iOS or Android mobile devices to manage the monitored channels anytime and anywhere to safeguard your office environment, or install the Vcam app to turn your mobile device into a network camera to instantly record any moment around you to your TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2

Install-On-Demand Apps Extend NAS Features

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 has a built-in App Center that provides over 100 install-on-demand apps developed by QNAP and third-party developers, including tools for backup/sync, business, content management, communications, download, entertainment, and much more. It is also a centralized location for managing & updating installed apps. In addition, QNAP's development platform embraces the open-source spirit to enable developers to create their own apps


Additional SMB-ready Features

The TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2 supports various business applications as an all-in-one Turbo NAS with cost-efficiency:

FTP Server
The Turbo NAS supports FTP server to share large size files, coming with user-defined settings including bandwidth limitation, number of connections, and write-only permission

Web Server
The Turbo NAS supports Web server which allows numerous websites built on the same server. Administrators can manage up to 32 websites on the single one Turbo NAS with reduced IT costs

The Turbo NAS supports RADIUS server which provides centralized authorization management for computers to connect and use a network service

VPN Server
The Turbo NAS supports VPN server which provides an easy way for IT administrators to build up a secure private network and allows the staff to log on from outside the office and access business resources securely such as files and Internet connections

Printer Server
The Turbo NAS supports Printer server to send remote printing request over the Internet (max. 3 USB printers), and supports IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), Samba, print job management and Bonjour printing for Mac OS X

Surveillance Station
The Turbo NAS supports Surveillance Station to connect and manage multiple IP cameras remotely, including real-time monitoring, video recording, playback, and event notifications

• Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 Family 3.5 GHz Quad-core Processor

• Total memory slots: 4
• System memory: 8 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
• Memory module pre-installed: 4 GB x2
• Memory expandable up to: 32 GB (8GB x4)
• System memory: 16 GB DDR3 non-ECC RAM
• Memory module pre-installed: 8 GB x2
• Memory expandable up to: 32 GB (8GB x4)
• Notes: When upgrading RAM to more than 28GB, the original 4GB RAM modules must be removed. For the information of RAM module installation and compatible NAS models, please refer to the QNAP RAM Module Installation Guide

Flash Memory:
• 512MB DOM

Internal Cache Port:
• Two mSATA port on board for read caching. The standard system is shipped with two 128GB mSATA flash.
• For the optional mSATA flash, please visit the Qnap website

Hard Drive:
• 12 x 3.5-inch SAS 12Gbps, SAS/SATA 6Gbps/3Gbps hard drive or 2.5-inch SAS/SATA SSD hard drive
• Notes: The standard system is shipped without hard drives. For the hard drive compatibility list, please visit the Qnap website

Hard Drive Tray:
• 12 x hot-swappable and lockable tray

LAN Port:
• Built-in 2 x 10 GbE SFP+ ports (LAN-10G2SF-MLX) and 4 x GbE ports
• Notes: For the optional network card compatibility list, please visit Compatibility list. For the information of network card installation, please refer to chapter 6 in the Turbo NAS Hardware Manual.

LED Indicators:
• 10 GbE, Status, LAN, Storage expansion port status

• 4x USB 3.0 port (rear)
• 4x USB 2.0 port (rear)
• Support USB printer, pen drive, USB hub, and USB UPS etc.

• System: Power button and reset button

Alarm Buzzer:
• System warning

Form Factor:
• 2U, Rackmount

• 88(H) x 442.5(W) x 530.5(D) mm
• 3.46(H) x 17.42(W) x 20.89(D) inch

• Net weight (NAS only) : 14.18 kg/ 31.26 lb
• Gross weight (with packing and accessories) : 21.41 kg/ 47.20 lb

Sound Level (dB)* :
• Sound Level (dB) Sound pressure (LpAm) (bystander position): 49.4 dB
• Note: with 12 x HITACHI HUS724020ALA640 hard drive installed)

Power Consumption (W):
• Sleep mode: 111.26
• In Operation: 178.65 W
• Note: with 12 x 1TB hard drive installed)

• 0-40˚C

Relative Humidity:
• 5~95% non-condensing, wet bulb: 27˚C.

Power Supply:
• Redundant power: Input 90~264VAC; 450W x 2

PCIe Slot:
• 2 (Right slot: 1* PCIe Gen3 x8; Left slot: 1* PCIe Gen3 x4)
• Note: The PCIe Gen3 x8 slot is occupied by a 10GbE network adapter.

• 4 x 6 cm smart cooling fan