MOBOTIX MX-A-TCLIENTA IP video interface for live image display of cameras and door stations MxThinClient

IP video interface for live image display of cameras and door stations on a monitor/TV

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MOBOTIX offers a particularly simple and compact solution for displaying the live image of a MOBOTIX camera (from model series x24, x14 and later) on a monitor or TV with HDMI connection with the PoE-powered network device MxThinClient. To do so, the MxThinClient is simply connected via a network cable to a free PoE port of the switch to which the camera displaying the image is also connected. The MxThinClient and the monitor are connected with an HDMI cable. If an additional router is connected to the switch, remote cameras that are accessible by Internet via DynDNS service can also be integrated into the MxThinClient and displayed on the

The MxThinClient is license- and maintenance-free, requires very little power (power consumption of 2 Watts), can be easily supplied with emergency power via the PoE switch, and it is boot-stable (fast and reliable auto boot after a power interruption). The network device can be switched on/off by simply plugging/unplugging the supply Ethernet patch cable. If a camera connection gets lost, the user will immediateley receive information on the monitor/TV set.

The MxThinClient offers unique applications by foregoing all control elements such as keyboard and mouse and due to its “monitoring only functionality”

Application examples

  • Use in retail stores with customer traffic, for example, in the entrance area in order to make customers aware of the video surveillance system in use (theft prevention)
  • Interruption of video sequences through advertising or information (recording of own image files from a connected web server/FTP)
  • Simple and license-free implementation of safety applications and video walls if operation of the video equipment is not desired and only live camera images are to be displayed
  • The MxThinClient can automatically switch to the camera which has last sent a network message (that is, due to a captured movement) using the MxMessageSystem
  • For private use, in order to quickly check the live image of the door station or garden camera on a TV without needing a computer, tablet, or smartphone

Ambient Temperature : 0 to 40°C
IP Class : IP20
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) : 25 x 100 x 80 mm
Weight (Without Packaging) : 125 g
• In: 1x Ethernet 100Base-T (RJ45)
• Out: 1x HDMI Type D (MicroHDMI)
Power Supply : Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af
Power Consumption : 2 Watts
Supported Video Sources : MOBOTIX cameras from software versions 4.4.x and 5.0.x, videocodec: MxPEG
Max. Frame Rate : 42 frames per second (using Mx6 cameras, selected image program "Fast")
Input (Ethernet), Supported Display Modes
• Single lens camera incl. Hemispheric: All display modes
• Dual lens camera, camera selection “Both”: All display modes except “Panorama”
Note: If no image is displayed with the resolution currently set on the camera, the MxThinClient can retrieve a low standard resolution (VGA, SVGA, HD, Full HD) from the camera, which can be configured via the web interface
Output : HDMI
Housing Polycarbonate, color: black
Mounting Options : Adhered, bolted, or not fixed (placed freely)