NETGEAR GS728TPP-300AUS 24-Port Gigabit Managed Switch, 4 SFP, 802.3at PoE+, Insight Managed

  • GS728TPPv3 24-Port Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch with 4 SFP Ports
  • 380W PoE Power Budget
  • Remote/Cloud management option with NETGEAR Insight (1 year included)

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NETGEAR Smart Managed Switches offer powerful L2 and L2+/Layer 3 Lite features, better PoE functionality, and enhanced performance and usability. They are purposely designed for converged networks where voice, video, data are all carried on a single network platform. These switches are optimized for network efficiency, operational cost savings, and ease of management. These switches are the ideal solution for businesses looking for the best combination of features, performance, and value.


  • 24 x PoE+ (802.3at) ports
  • 4 SFP Ports
  • 384w Total PoE Power budget (Watts)
  • Weight : 4.36kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) mm : 440 x 257 x 44
  • Rackmount design

Designed for Converged Networks, Big or Small
• PoE and PoE+ Support available for all configurations
• Auto-Voice VLAN for fast and reliable deployment of VoIP
• Auto-Video VLAN, following the same concept of Auto Voice, help speed up your deployment of IP-based surveillance systems
• Static routing, helps route internal traffic for more efficient use of network resources
• IGMP and MLD snooping, provides advanced multicast filtering


Build a Future-Proof Network with NETGEAR
• Solid performance with a non-blocking architecture, 8K MAC address table, 256 VLANs, 480 shared ACL entries, 32static routes, and 1,024 Multicast Groups
• Comprehensive IPv6 management, QoS and ACL, ensuring investment protection and a smooth migration to IPv6-based networking
• PoE+ support on all PoE models with the GS728TPP providing PoE+ support on all ports, adding the flexibility to add power-hungry devices such as video phone, PTZ camera and 11ac Wireless APs into the network in the future
• The presence of SFP ports provide necessary fiber uplinks, while dedicated SFP ports on many models further builds uplink redundancy and failover, improving reliability and availability for network virtualization
• Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) support for more energy savings in the future when more EEE-compliant end devices come to market
• Advanced QoS with IPv4/IPv6 ingress traffic filtering (ACLs) and prioritization (QoS - Diff Serv)
• Dynamic VLAN assignment for easy user authentication and location-independent access to network


Network Development Made Easy
• Auto Voice VLAN for easy development of VoIP
• Auto Video for simple deployment of IP Surveillance
• ACL Wizard for a guided tour to set up your network access control
• Smart Control Center, a powerful tool for multi-switch discovery, deployment, monitoring and firmware upgrades
• PoE Timer for scheduling the on/off time of your PoE powered devices


Smart IT, not Big IT
• Easy to manage via web browser-based management GUI or Smart Control Center for multi-switch deployment
• Standard-based technology, ensuring interoperability with any standard-based devices in the existing network
• Dual firmware images, improving reliability and uptime to your network

Key Fetures

Traffic Management

  • Auto Negotiation of speed and duplex modes

  • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control

  • Dynamic MAC address management

  • IEEE 802.1Q-based VLAN

  • Auto Voice VLAN

  • Auto Video VLAN (selected models)

  • VLAN routing (selected models)

  • QoS based on WRR, strict priority, or both

  • Port-based and IEEE 801.2p-based QoS

  • TCP/UDP-based QoS

  • IPv4 and IPv6-based QoS

  • DSCP Support

  • Rate Limiting (egress only)

  • Link Aggregation and LACP


  • MAC lockdown

  • MAC lockdown by number of MACs

  • IEEE 802.1x port authentication - MD5: FS526Tv2, FSS728TPv2, FS728TLP, GS108Tv2, GS110TP, GS510TP

  • IEEE 802.1x port authentication - EAP: GS516TP, GS716Tv3, GS724Tv4, GS748Tv5, GS752TP

  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment

  • Guest VLAN

  • 3 HTTPS /SSL versions

  • TLS session

  • Trusted MAC

  • IPv4, L4-based Access Control List (ACL)

  • IPv6-based ACL (except Fast Ethernet models)

    Multicast Efficiency

  • IGMP snooping, v1, v2 and v3

  • IGMP Snooping querier

  • Blocking of unknown multicast traffic

  • MLD snooping

    Spanning Tree, Routing and Stacking

  • IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1w RSTP and MSTP

  • Option to enable/disable BPDU flooding when STP is disabled

  • Static routing with 32 static routes (Selected models)

  • Hosted ARP table size of 1,024 (Selected models)

    Reliability, Performance and Troubleshooting

  • Port mirroring both on ingress and egress traffic

  • Jumbo frame support

  • Broadcast Storm control

  • Cable diagnostics

  • Loop Detection

  • DoS Prevention

  • IEEE 802.1ab LLDP

  • Dual Image


  • Option to enable/disable the flooding of EAPOL when 802.1x is disabled

  • Protected ports

  • DNS client

  • DHCP clients

  • DHCP snooping

  • Ping and traceroute client

  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) compliant (Selected models)

  • Power savings with short cable detection (GS752TXS only) and auto power-down when ports are in idle mode

    Switch Management

  • Web browser-based management GUI

  • Smart Control Centre Software for multi-switch management

  • IP Access List

  • IPv6 Management

  • Configurable Management VLAN

  • SNMP v1/v2c and v3

  • Standard MIBs (RFC1213, RFC1643, and RFC1493)

  • RMON group 1, 2, 3, 9

  • Firmware Upgrade through Smart Control Centre (TFTP)

  • Firmware download (to switch) and upload (to server) through TFTP/HTTP

  • Configuration and Image Upload (to PC) through HTTP

  • Configuration Download (to Switch) thru TFTP/HTTP and upload (to server)

  • Memory & FLASH log

  • Syslog (server)

  • System password protection

Simply Activate NETGEAR Insight Cloud Management to manage your network. Anytime. Anywhere.
By activating the NETGEAR Insight Cloud management, the users will enable fundamental management features allowing businesses simpler configuration and deployment from anywhere using the NETGEAR Insight app from mobile devices or the Insight Cloud Portal
from any device with a web browser.
Unique advanced management features of these Insight Managed devices include:
• Remote monitoring and management with performance dashboards and troubleshooting features including remote reboot, port and PoE advanced configuration including remote enable/disable/power-cycle, PoE scheduling, and firmware updates with autoschedule mode
• Single pane-of-glass multi-device, multi-network, and multi-site remote monitoring and notifications with the NETGEAR Insight app
• Full-fledged local or remote access for configuration, management, and monitoring on a larger display using your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer through the NETGEAR Insight Cloud Portal
• Configurable in-app and email alerts and notifications
• Auto-join and configure (zero-touch provisioning) for additional Insight Managed devices added to the network
• Centralized network configuration (policies) across Insight Managed Switches, Access Points, and ReadyNAS storage for VLANs, ACLs, QoS, LAGs, etc.
• Cloud-based network administration, monitoring, and firmware management
For more information about NETGEAR Insight-manageable device settings, please see at: