Yealink SMARTVISION60 Intelligent 360 Degree Video Conferencing TEAMS Camera

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The Intelligent 360° All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera for Small-to-medium Microsoft Teams Rooms

  • For Enhanced Teams Rooms Experience
  • Teams Intelligent Speakers Features
  • 10K 360° FOV Camera
  • 360° / 6m Sound Pickup

The Yealink SmartVision 60 has a 360° wide field of view and a 360° sound pickup range to provide a comprehensive and immersive conference experience.

Every position of a medium-sized boardroom is made clearly visible. And a 20' sound pickup range covers every corner of the room. The SmartVision 60 is equipped with a variety of Microsoft's innovative audio and video AI functionalities in order to bring an enhanced audio and video experience.

A Multi-Stream People Feed feature gives meeting attendees their own individual frame in the gallery to help remote participants feel closer to the people in the room.

SmartVision 60 also includes all the features of Microsoft Teams Intelligent Speakers, including people identification in live transcription and the Cortana digital assistant.