Panorama Antennas C32SMARV-1SMARVJ RP-SMA-Male to RP-SMA-Female CS32 Extension Cable, 1 meter

  • Ultra Low Loss Cable
  • Flame Retardant Halogen-Free

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RP-SMA-Male and RP-SMA-Female connectors for applications such as extending the cable length between a cellular router and antenna.

• Ultra Low Loss, Double-Shielded Solid Core Cable
• Zero Halogen, UV stabilised, Flame Retardant Jacket
• EN45545-2 Compliant
• ECE R118.03 Compliant

Panorama Antennas CS32 cable is an ultra low loss double shielded solid core cable suitable for applications up to 6GHz. This cable features two layers of shielding, braided copper and aluminium foil to ensure minimal attenuation.

CS32 cable comes with flame retardant zero halogen jacketing as standard and is compatible with standard connectors for RG58 / 5mm cable.

The FRZH range of cables are supplied with a flame retardant halogen free jacket for safety critical applications, certifi ed to ECE R118.03 as well as being compliant with EN6722 and EN45545-2.

50Ω ± 2Ω at 1GHz
50Ω ± 4Ω at 2GHz

Typical Attenuation
2.5dB per 10m at 400MHz
4dB per 10m at 1GHz
5.8dB per 10m at 2GHz
11dB per 10m at 6GHz

Braid Resistance Less than 150mΩ per 10m

Shielding Eff ectiveness < -95dB According to IEC 61196-1 @ 400MHz

Outer Jacket
Material UV Stabilised Flexible Megalon S540
Colour Grey RAL 7047
Diameter 5.0mm (0.19”)

Outer Conductor
Material Tin Plated Copper Braid
Wire Coverage No Less Than 90%
Diameter 3.5mm (0.13”)

Inner Shielding
Material Aluminium Foil
Diameter 3.0mm (0.11”)

Material Foam Polyethene
Diameter 2.6mm (0.10”)

Inner Conductor
Material Solid Copper
Diameter 0.95mm (0.03”)

Operating Temp. -30° / +80°C (-22° / 176°F)

Flame Retardance Specifi cations ECE 118.03 (E11*118R03/00*1305*00) / EN 6722:2006 §12 / EN 45545-2 : HL3

Voltage Withstand 1000VDC

Jacket Spark 3000 V RMS

Min Bend Radius (mm) One Time 25 (1”) / Repeated 50 (2”)