Grandstream GWN7602 802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi AP with Integrated Ethernet Switch

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The Grandstream GWN7602 is a compact 802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi wall mount access point designed for small businesses, homes, offices, hotels and more.

It provides three 100Mb ports to provide IP phones, IPTV, computers and similar devices with ethernet while also providing an uplink Gigabit network port with PoE/PoE+ and PSE. The GWN7602 offers dual band 2x2:2 MIMO technology and a sophisticated antenna design for ideal network throughput that supports up to 80 clients and a 100 meter coverage range.

To ensure easy installation and management, the GWN7602 is supported by GWN.Cloud, Grandstream’s free cloud Wi-Fi management platform.

The GWN7602 is the ideal Wi-Fi AP for voice-over-Wi-Fi deployments and offers a seamless connection with Grandstream’s Wi-Fi-capable voice and video IP phones. By including support for advanced QoS, lowlatency real-time applications, mesh networks and captive portals, the GWN7602 is a wireless access point built for deployment scenarios with small to medium user density.

  • Simplify your network management with Free Cloud management on GWN.Cloud
  • Ideal product for Managed service provider (MSP) solution
  • 1x Gigabit uplink with self power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE/PoE+
  • 3x 100Mbps Ethernet ports (2 of which offers PoE output) for external IP phones, IP cameras, IP TV set-top-box, computers, etc.
  • Dual-band 802.11ac 2x2:2 MIMO technology with 1.17Gbps aggregate wireless throughput
  • Up to 100 meters long range wireless coverage range
  • Support up to 80 Wi-Fi client devices
  • Anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lockdown via digital signatures, unique security certificate/ random default password per device
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low-latency applications

Please note, this product does not support local management but can be configured via Grandstream's cloud platform GWN.Cloud. Click HERE to login/register.