Generic CON-RJ45-C5-100 Shireen Cat5e RJ45 Shielded Smart Feed Connectors (100 pack)

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Shireen CAT-C5e RJ45 Smart Feed Connector 100pk. RJ45 shielded connectors reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can damage critical data and maintains wire twists to the point of termination, eliminating or greatly decreasing pair-to-pair and alien crosstalk.

Any Ethernet Cable Solution is only as good as its weakest component. In other words, a high-quality cable is easily defeated by a low-quality connector. Similarly, a high-quality connector can’t improve the efficiency of a low-quality cable.

For this reason, Shireen, Inc. introduces the SmartFeed Shielded Connector. This new line of high-quality connectors for both Cat5e and Cat6 will allow technicians to skillfully install RJ45 Shielded connectors onto the high-quality Shireen OUTDOOR Category Cables with minimal effort and maximum assurance of efficiency.


  • Engineered for use with all of Shireen’s Cat6 Outdoor/Indoor Ethernet cable
  • Gives the technician a quick & concise installation procedure
  • 3 prong gold-plated contacts ensure connectivity with copper core
  • DUAL GROUNDING / Internal metal & External Drain wire tab
  • Complete overall coverage of connector with shielding
  • Ideal for high EMI/RFI environments