Opengear OM2224-24E-10G-L-AU Console Server + Automation, 24 serial, 2x 10GbE SFP+ 24x 1GbE, 4G LTE

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Model OM2224, 24 serial selectable pinout, 2x 10G SFP+ 1x 1GbE, 24x 1GbE, x86 1.4GHz 4-core 8GB mem 64GB SSD TPM, NetOps, 4G LTE-A Pro Global, Dual AC, AU Power Cord

The Network Resilience Platform
NetOps and Smart Out-Of-Band. Together

In a virtualized world, IT operations are only as strong as the network they run on. A robust DevOps deployment doesn’t work when the hardware is down, and without Network Engineers maintaining a resilient backbone, a cloud-based enterprise will quickly fail.

A resilient network has typically meant remote access to your critical devices at any time; and a secure, independent management plane to monitor and remediate your edge locations. Smart OOB™ has delivered that resilience to enterprises across the globe, providing presence and proximity at every location. And now, Opengear is adding Netops capabilities to your out-of-band network, giving Network Engineers the tools to automate standard processes with Docker routines.

The Opengear Network Resilience Platform is built on the Lighthouse management software which orchestrates a remote network of NetOps Console Servers and other Opengear appliances. It provides secure access to network devices, while automating common NetOps processes, via a separate management plane. Common applications beyond standard out-of-band functionality include securely deploying and provisioning equipment, and accessing Remote IP devices at any edge location.

Innovation: The NetOps Console Server
The Network Resilience Platform includes the new NetOps Console Server for locations requiring a higher level of automation, along with the existing range of Opengear Smart OOB appliances.

The NetOps Console Servers (OM-series appliances) run on an x86 CPU, supporting off-the-shelf Docker applications, and feature embedded physical security with a TPM 2.0 chip. For standard deployments, where advanced automation isn’t required, the ACM7000 Resilience Gateway is ideal for small edge locations, while the IM7200 and CM7100 appliances are optimized for use in data centers and high density satellite locations.

Opengear’s Smart Out-of-Band technology, plus the use of open architecture NetOps automation tools (Docker support, python runtime environment), provides secure access to console ports while also creating a robust management plane. Smart OOB on the NetOps Console Server now includes VLAN support and automated port discovery in addition to the existing Failover to Cellular and auto-response features.

NetOps for your Network

NetOps for your Network: The Resilience that DevOps Demands

The Network Resilience Platform, from Opengear With the presence and proximity of an Opengear console server at every site, centrally orchestrated through our Lighthouse software, you have visibility into every part of your network. Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform provides secure remote access to your critical network devices through a separate management plane, with the ability to automate NetOps processes at key locations to expand services beyond the console port.

Smart OOB isn’t just for emergency access. The Opengear platform is for Day One provisioning and everyday use, as well as reliable access when the production network is down.

Lighthouse Management Software
Lighthouse Enterprise is the central management portal for the Network Resilience Platform, orchestrating all Opengear and third-party appliances, and acting as the engine for NetOps automation. Lighthouse is Java-free and provides a standard RESTful API allowing easy integration with external workflows.

NetOps Console Servers
The new Opengear OM appliances combine the capabilities of a Smart OOB Console Server with the flexibility of NetOps Automation. With an x86 chip able to run standard Docker containers, and an embedded TPM module to provide trackable secure provisioning at new remote locations, these network management appliances provide an unprecedent level of visibility and control across your infrastructure.

The compact OM1200 series appliance is designed specifically for secure edge deployments, with 4 or 8 serial ports and a 4 or 8 port embedded ethernet switch. The certified global 4G-LTE module ensures secure access at any location, with support for NetOps
automation tools through the Lighthouse software.

The OM2200 series appliance is configured for data centers and high-density locations, with a 1RU form factor and 16, 32 or 48 software-selectable serial console ports. Like the smaller unit, it supports Docker containers and a python runtime environment, to allow a wide range of automation routines through the Lighthouse software.

Smart OOB Console Servers
Opengear’s range of console servers are all based around our Smart Out-of-Band technology, incorporating Failover to Cellular to keep your critical applications working, Responsive alerts to let you know when incidents occur, and Environmental monitoring to anticipate local issues. They are the perfect choice when advanced NetOps capabilities are not required.

The ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway is a small form factor appliance with a global cellular modem, ideal for branch offices and edge locations. For data centers and large IT deployments, the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager connects to as many as 48 serial devices, providing secure, remote access to critical IT infrastructure. For the simplest deployments, the CM7100 Console Manager offers 8-96 serial console ports with simple straight-through cabling to Cisco®-style serial consoles.