Opengear ENTLH-STARTUP-3Y Lighthouse Enterprise Edition, up to 10 Opengear Appliances, 3YR

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Lighthouse Enterprise

Ready-made for everyday use with multi-instance capabilities providing the resiliency and redundancy needed for evolving networks. Providing presence and proximity to critical devices, engineers can control every aspect of their network through a central hub. Each subscription allows for up to 11 total Lighthouse instances (primary and 10 secondaries), provides IP Access everywhere, for each node and enables access to MessageBus, plug-ins and 3rd party systems.

Lighthouse Enterprise is a powerful tool that simplifies the way you manage your out-of-band network through a single pane of glass.  Features of Lighthouse include:

  • Centralized scalable administration and automation of nodes
  • Easy to maintain user groups and permissions
  • Secure accessibility for all connections using Lighthouse VPN
  • Responsive UI designed and built for NetOps
  • Integrated RESTful API

Lighthouse software provides access to your network devices via connected console servers at each location. As an API-driven platform with an HTML5 interface, it provides secure access to remote networks regardless of how they are connected or how a user interacts with the system.

When deployed across a distributed enterprise of data centers and edge locations, Lighthouse is the control center of a comprehensive Network Resilience Platform, independent of the production network.

Navigate Your Network
Get unparalleled visibility of distributed networks through a single pane of control. Designed with security, scalability and automation in mind.


Lighthouse Enterprise: Automation Edition (purchased as a seperate product)
This advanced offering provides users with additional functionality needed for automation and operation. The expanded automation edition contains all the features of Lighthouse Enterprise – it also includes Automation Gateway and Secure Provisioning for every node.