Teltonika BAT120 Uninterruptible power supply for Teltonika routers

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for Teltonika RUT300, RUTX08, RUTX10, TSW110, TSW210.

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The BAT120 is the first uninterrupted power supply from Teltonika Networks.

It  is equipped with two 4-pin DC ports for power input and output. The input voltage ranges from 9V to 30V and output of 12VDC when operated from the battery.

Acting as an uninterrupted power source, BAT120 provides enough power from two 18650 Li-Io cells to keep a compatible Teltonika Networks device working for up to 6 hours. BAT120 has reverse and overvoltage protection for input and 3A overcurrent protection for output as safety features.

This rugged and reliable uninterrupted power source is perfect for applications that require constant connectivity from their Teltonika Networks devices even when power outages or fluctuations occur.

  • Power Supply lasts up to 6 hours
  • I/O Can be set up with a router for custom alerts
  • Reverse polarity & Overvoltage
  • Rugged aluminum housing protection
  • DIN rail and surface mounting options
  • Compatible with: RUT2xx, RUT95x, RUT3xx, RUTXxx, TRB14x, TRB2xx, TSW110, TCR100