NETGEAR RAX200-100AUS Nighthawk Tri-Band AX12 WiFi 6 Router

Nighthawk 12-Stream Tri-Band WiFi 6 Router (up to 10.8Gbps) with NETGEAR Armor, Circle Smart Parental Controls, MU-MIMO, USB 3.0 ports

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Dead zones and buffering are a thing of the past with the Nighthawk Tri-Band AX12 WiFi 6 Router. Get super-fast speeds for better 4K UHD streaming, gaming, or video conferencing.

Fastest WiFi Speeds with the Tri-Band Advantage
The Nighthawk® Tri-band AX12 is the fastest router for Gigabit internet with combined speeds up to 10.8GBPS. Tri-band WiFi optimizes speeds across the three WiFi bands ensureing that your fast WiFi stays fast and can efficiently handle multiple devices connected to the network. Gigabit speeds over tri-band WiFi can support far more data simultaneously, making it possible to stream music in the kitchen, 4K video in the living room and multi-player online gaming without a hiccup.

 12 WiFi Streams. Ultimate Performance.
More WiFi streams provide more available bandwidth and less congestion for all the devices in the WiFi network. Since separate data signals can be sent to and from your devices on different streams, the amount of information that can be sent over your network greatly increases. The powerful Nighthawk tri-band AX12 Wi-Fi 6 router provides eight streams of 5 GHz and four streams of 2.4 GHz connectivity giving you a superior WiFi performance for Ultra HD streaming, low latency gaming and all smart home devices.

Improved Network Capacity for More WiFi Devices

Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) enables efficient data scheduling so that more transmissions can be sent at the same time, resulting in an impressive capacity increase in your network. This increased or available bandwidth allows you to add more devices to your network. Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 supports uplink and downlink OFDMA to efficiently use air-time with better frequency reuse, reduced latency, and increased network efficiency. This is extremely useful for latency sensitive applications such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Internet of things (IoT) sensors.

Gigabit WiFi to Mobile Devices

Support for 160MHz enabled mobile devices and laptops (Intel® Gigabit Wi-Fi enabled devices) allows the Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 to stream at gigabit speeds to these devices. Stream your favorite TV shows and movies in high definition, to more devices.

Versatile Multi-Gig Internet Support

Maximizes your available Internet speeds with link aggregation support (two Gigabit LAN ports and two Gigabit WAN ports) or use 2.5G Ethernet interface for Internet. Pair with compatible NETGEAR cable modems supporting Multi-Gig internet speeds.

Powerful Quad-Core Processor

The Nighthawk Tri-band AX12's powerful Wi-Fi 6 optimized 64-bit 1.8GHz quad-core processor is designed to handle all the traffic and transfer multi-gigs of data efficiently. This powerful processor is optimized for AX making intelligent spontaneous decisions to schedule data traffic to maximize WiFi Bandwidth utilization. Enjoy smoother Ultra-HD 4K/8K video streaming and low latency VR and online gaming.

Cutting-Edge Design

This next-generation router design conceals eight high-performance antennas under its 'wings'. The antennas are optimally positioned for best WiFi performance, extending reliable and stronger WiFi coverage indoors and outdoors. Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 router is also wall-mountable.