NETGEAR MS108EUP-100AUS 8-port Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Ultra60 PoE++

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• Advanced PoE controls including uninterrupted PoE
• Provides 2.5G connectivity to NETGEAR WiFi 6 Insight Managed Access Points
• Versatile PoE support with PoE+ and Ultra60 PoE++ for today’s and tomorrow’s PoE needs
• Uninterrupted PoE keeps PoE power on even when the switch is updating firmware or performing a software reboot
• Proven reliability of the NETGEAR switches

The NETGEAR® MS108EUP Ultra60 PoE++ Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch is for organizations who buy infrastructure for the long term and want future proofing. The MS108EUP allows you to deploy PoE+ and even PoE++ devices with a 230W power budget and both 1G and 2.5G speeds.

The ideal companions to the MS108EUP are the NETGEAR WAX630 and WAX610 WiFi 6 Access Points that feature a 2.5G Ethernet port.

MS108EUP provides a total PoE budget of 230W and advanced PoE features such as uninterrupted PoE for powerful PoE applications. The switch provides four PoE+ and four PoE++ auto-adapt multispeed Ethernet ports that support 2.5G and 1G. Each of the 8 Multi-Gig ports automatically detect which speed is needed by the connected device and provides the optimal connection speed.

  • Form Factor Desktop and Wall-mount
  • Speed 8x1G/2.5G
  • Total Ports 8
  • PoE Type PoE+ and PoE++
  • PoE Ports 8 (4x PoE+, 4x PoE++)
  • Total PoE Power Budget 230W
  • Management Local Web GUI