Blackhawk ANT-BH-00046 Marine Omni High Gain Antenna, 698-2100 7/10dBi with adjustable mount

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The Blackhawk Marine Antenna is designed to provide 4G connectivity in both close coastal and long range offshore boating. The antenna has the ideal 7 dBi gain that allows long range connectivity but also enough elevation beamwidth to counteract pitching and rolling in rough weather, and also when docked or anchored close to shore.

  • 7 dBi gain across all mobile frequencies 698 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2700 MHz
  • White marine-grade fibreglass construction
  • Short cable tail with a pre-fitted N Female connector – Cable Sold Separately
  • Operate with all mobile networks across Australia, New Zealand, and Internationally.
  • Supplied with a marine antenna mount which allows the antenna to be mounted vertically regardless of the mounting surface used