Aviosys 2IP982802G IP Power Control, 2x C13 outlet, 10A

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This is a web browser controlled power switch that can be used easily for industrial, commercial or residential power control.

With the remote network control technology, a user connected to the local area network or Internet can query and control the power supply of attached equipment. There is no special software required.

  • 2x C13 outlet, 10A
  • 100~240VAC C14 in,max 15A
  • 195x88x35mm (LxWxH)
  • Latched Relay design (Green)
  • 2x Ethernet RJ45
  • 2x programmable buttons
  • Surge suppressor circuit
  • Timer inside
  • 1xAmmeter
  • Option wireless
  • VPN Client

• Support Cloud Connect : AWS IOT, GOOGLE Cloud IoT, Microsoft AZURE IOT.
• Support Telnet/SSH.

Remote control of 2 power outputs through the network for on/off/restart action 2-way sockets provides independent power control.

Super slim/thin size metal enclosure design with 3.5 cm in height for easy install in any limited room space or narrow area

Stop a problem device by cutting off the power to a specific outlet. By cycling the power off and restarting the device remotely, you save time and money by eliminating the need to send technicians to the cause of the problem. Managers can monitor the total power usage information through the Internet to fully understand the power consumption of all the devices.

Set up overload event alerts and notify managers via Email and TRAP, allowing managers to respond to crises in the shortest possible time to minimize disasters.

Central management software, can manage a large number of PDUs' power, temperature and humidity information. The database stores the power consumption information of the power strip and provides the history curve chart for the manager's reference.

-Support HTTPS / HTTP SSL3.0 , Telnet/SSH . SNMP( MIB ) /SNTP. TCP/IP. SMTP UDP. Dynamic DNS & DNS clinet. SNMPv3.
-Support the procotol of BACnet/IP & Modbus/TCP
-Back Up: quick back up and save functions like Time Schedule, Network Setting. Ping Setting. status of Default I/O Setting for multiple devices
-Time Schedule: to schedule specific date and time turn power on / off automatically- can set up to 29 groups .
-Log capability: device itself can log user's activities and relevant information for monitoring purposes
-System Log capability: it enable to record all activities of internal device from external device similtaneously.
-PoP3 e-mail controls the power ON/OFF
-MQTT( CNT2 ): allows end user eliminate set up work on any Router without doing port forwarding and higher security, simply Plug & Play

Dimensions 195 x 88 x 35mm( L / W / H )
( Width included two mounting ear kits of boths sides - 2.5mm x 2 )
Power input 100~240VAC
Maximum current per outlet 10A
Maximum current total 2 outlets 15A 110V
10A 220V
Relay Type Magnetic Latching Relay
Interface LED indicator lights
HW Reset button
Two push buttons
Operating temperature -15°C~ 60°C( 5°F~ 140°F )
Network RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet Port x 2
Host Port
Lan Port