Panorama SHKG-6-60-DW MIMO 4G/5G LTE Antenna with 2x2 MIMO WiFi-6 and GPS

SHKG-6-60-DW, 4-in-1 antenna with MIMO cellular, GPS, and 2x2 MIMO WiFi

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The SHKG-6-60 ‘Sharkee’ combination antenna brings 5G capability to automotive and transportation applications.

  • Discreet automotive OEM SharkFin design
  • Multiple antenna functions in a single housing
  • Single hole mounting - reduces vehicle damage, installation time & cost
  • Can be mounted on a metallic or non-metallic panel surface
  • Will fit between roof ribs on all major vehicle manufacturers
  • Can be retrofitted to a vehicle replacing the factory fitted antenna

Key Users

  • Police & Law Enforcement
  • EMS & Fire
  • Mass Transit buses and coaches
  • Utility Vehicles

300mm cable length

2 x Wi-Fi connectors : SMA (f)
2 x 4G/5G connectors : SMA plug
GPS/GNSS connector : FME (f)

The Sharkee 5G antenna is suitable for various vehicle applications such as police cars, emergency service vehicles, trucking fleets, and mass transit buses and coaches. The slim radome mounts through a single hole drilled in the vehicle roof, or it can use the hole of the existing roof antenna. It is slim enough to fit between the roof rib lines of most major vehicles.

The ultra-wideband 2x2 MIMO cellular antenna elements cover all 5G LTE spectrum frequencies worldwide (600 to 6000 MHz), including LTE band 71 (617 to 698 MHz). The wideband cellular antenna elements are highly efficient with >12 dB isolation, and they offer 5 to 9 dBi peak gain depending on the frequency. In addition, the SHKG-6-60 adopts up to 4x4 MIMO WiFi 6 supporting 2.4, 5.0, and 7.1 GHz networks. The GPS/GNSS module has advanced noise filtering and works with GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, and Galileo satellite systems. The GPSD model integrates an optional external whip for VHF, UHF, or AM/FM for voice radio.

The rugged dome is manufactured from heavy-duty plastic for extra durability. It includes a boot-mount gasket for better sealing and conductive pads on the underside for superior grounding. It may be placed on a metallic or non-metallic surface, and there is no significant impact on the antenna’s overall RF performance if the antenna cannot be tied to a ground plane.  The SHKG-6-60 carries a stringent IP69K test certificate, assuring it repels water and dust for safe operation outdoors. The antenna includes UN118 compliant cable assemblies demanded by the automotive sector.

  • Omni-directional 5G LTE multi-antenna for mobile operations
  • 2x2 MIMO LTE with 617-960 MHZ and 1710-6000 MHz range
  • WiFi 6 with 2x2 MIMO
  • GPS with 1562 to 1612 MHz frequency range and 26 dB gain LNA
  • Advanced filtering for LTE Band 13/14 operation
  • 2.4 GHz and 4.9 to 7.2 GHz range
  • 10 watts maximum input power
  • Through-hole panel mounting
  • IP69K rated