Generic CA-POE-SP-C PoE Splitter 48V to USB-C, 5V 2A (to power USB-C devices with PoE)

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A Power over Ethernet (PoE) Splitter supplies power to non-PoE compatible devices by splitting power from data and feeding it to a separate input.

This splitter takes a unified PoE signal (data and power) from one RJ-45 cable, and then separates the data (Ethernet) and power (5 VDC regulated) into two different lines for non-PoE devices.

  • Compliant with IEEE802.3af 15.4W
  • Power Input: DC44~57V
  • Power Output: DC5V 2.0A
  • Splits the 48V DC power over RJ-45 Ethernet cable into different DC outputs
  • Data & power input port: from RJ45 female
  • Data output port: RJ45 male
  • Power output port: Type C USB
  • Data transfer rate: 10/100Mbps
  • Devices will be detected before PoE input
  • Power pin: support both 1/2(+/-),3/6(-/+) atau 4/5(+),7/8(-)
  • Body size: 80x27x20mm
  • Type C cable length: 200mm
  • RJ45 modular plug cable length: 200mm