QNAP QMIRO-201W-AU WiFi Mesh Tri-band SD-WAN router

Next-Generation Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi SD-WAN Router

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  • 1 x 1GbE RJ45 WAN port, 1 x 1GbE RJ45 LAN port
  • 8 Internal Antennas
  • Wireless Standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Wireless Speed Rating AC2200
  • Wireless Speed 2.4 GHz 2.4G (400Mbps): 2x2 (40MHz)
  • Wireless Speed 5 GHz 5G (1734Mbps): 2x2 (80MHz)
  • Bluetooth
  • 12V DC Power
  • Dimensions 68x100x175.5 mm
  • Weight 0.44Kg
  • QNAP SD-WAN solution, QuWAN

To embrace the new normal of remote working, businesses must deploy both a remote VPN that is quickly accessible by multi-location users, and a high-speed in-premises solution covering wired and wireless connections. The QMiro-201W supports tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 and an enterprise-grade SD-WAN VPN solution to enable multi-site VPN deployment via the QuWAN Orchestrator. Combined with a budget-friendly price, the QMiro-201W is a solid foundation for building next-generation networks.

  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi guarantees smooth and stable Wi-Fi connections via 2.4GHz, 5GHz and dedicated Mesh 5GHz frequencies.
  • Supports Mesh Wi-Fi Handover for wide-range connectivity.
  • Easily and securely connect to your company networks and multi-site VPN using the built-in QNAP SD-WAN solution, QuWAN.

Connect your Home with High-Coverage Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi
Say goodbye to weak Wi-Fi signals by setting up a Mesh Wi-Fi structure in your home. QMiro-201W adopts Wi-Fi Handover technology, allowing multiple users to be automatically connected to the router with the strongest Wi-Fi signal with a single SSID. With dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz, QMiro-201W provides a dedicated Mesh 5GHz frequency for high-bandwidth connections between Mesh Wi-Fi routers, guaranteeing smooth and stable Wi-Fi connections.

Dedicated Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi for Smooth Connections
The QMiro-201W supports tri-band Wi-Fi of 2.4GHz, 5GHz and a dedicated Mesh Wi-Fi 5GHz band for high-bandwidth connections between Mesh Wi-Fi routers. Unlike conventional dual-band routers whose 5GHz band must be shared between Wi-Fi clients and Mesh Wi-Fi routers, the QMiro-201W guarantees smooth and stable Wi-Fi connections.

QuRouter OS: User-Friendly Router Management
With a web-based GUI and at-a-glance dashboard, the QuRouter OS provides a user-friendly interface for everyday network management. The QMiro-201W also supports wireless router or AP mode configuration via the QuRouter OS, allowing dispatching an IP address as a master router or receiving an IP address from another main router. With the QuRouter OS, not only can users efficiently manage all connected wired and wireless devices in real-time, but they can also configure NAT, VPN, security and QuWAN advanced functions.

Convenient connectivity for remote workers
Working from home has transformed the lives and daily practices of workers and businesses alike, but now the challenge is ensuring that we are always securely connected to business IT. QNAP QuWAN is a SD-WAN solution that enables automatic Mesh VPN topology from corporate networks to personal home routers. Once your home QMiro-201W is set up, QuWAN Cloud Orchestrator enables QMiro-201W to connect to the mesh VPN whether in router mode or AP mode. After that, your QMiro-201W is your gateway to the company cloud.

Create a family-friendly internet environment
Parental controls are included for you to block inappropriate sites, set up screen time, and filter keywords on search engines to ensure that everyone in your family can use the internet safely.

Protect yourself from breaches and intrusion
QNAP follows the Zero Trust ("never trust, always verify") security model, helping to protect you from malware and intrusion. Connections, devices, and IP addresses can also be blocked using the NAT.

Stylish Morandi blue and fanless design for homes
Combining style and functionality to fit modern digital homes, the QMiro-201W’s design includes Morandi colors and near-silent fanless cooling.

Easy 6-Step Installation with the QuRouter App
Network settings are greatly simplified with the QuRouter App. With Bluetooth and a Settings Wizard you are only six steps away from setting up your smart home network and cloud storage applications.

Control your Wi-Fi with a convenient mobile app
The QuRouter mobile app allows you to monitor your home mesh network, including connection status, network usage, and the number of connected users.

Set up your smart home Wi-Fi
Build a flexible home Wi-Fi environment and enjoy a seamless wireless experience with the QMiro Mesh Wi-Fi router!