SOPHOS AP100 Wireless Access Point, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Dual Radio, 1.3Gbps, PoE

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Sophos AP 100 Access Point

Get secure and reliable wireless access all over the office
Simplify your wireless networking by using Sophos UTM as a wireless controller to centralize your Wi-Fi management and security. Our access points are automatically set up and configured by the UTM. That means all your wireless clients get complete threat protection too.

Note. Power adapter, PoE injector not included.

  • Support for the latest high-speed wireless standards including 802.11ac and 802.11n
  • Centrally controlled wireless from your UTM
  • No local configuration of access points required
  • Automated channel optimization for maximum performance
  • Complete UTM protection for wireless clients
  • Quick voucherbased guest access customizable with your brand
  • Choose from a range of access-point models
  • Installs fast with automatic setup and configuration
  • You can set up multiple wireless Access Points (APs) within minutes. They require no local configuration and will simply find the controller, retrieve their IP address via DHCP, and import the configuration. Devices automatically appear in the UTM interface where you can manually activate them.

Creates reliable networks for all areas
Our range of access points support different deployment scenarios. They include the desktop AP 15, the ceiling-mounted AP 30, and the dual-band/dual-radio AP 50 and AP 100. The AP 50 can act as a wireless repeater and/or bridge to extend coverage to areas that are hard to reach with wired Ethernet.

Provides guest Wi-Fi and BYOD access
We give you secure, easy-to-manage guest access out-of-the-box–without extra appliances, licenses or complex configuration. And you can tailor the guest experience to suit your needs. Set bandwidth limits and content filtering as well as customizing the login page and vouchers to strengthen your company brand.

Secure wireless and integrated UTM protection
To prevent unauthorized access we use the most advanced encryption and authentication standards available, including WPA2-Enterprise in combination with IEEE 802.1X (RADIUS authentication). And, our APs forward wireless traffic to the UTM, giving wireless clients the same level of security as if they were physically connected to the LAN. You can also choose to authenticate users based on their credentials from any back end server supported by our UTM for greater flexibility and control.

 Enterprise dual-band/dual-radio  
Maximum throughput : 1.3 Gbps + 450 Mbps  
Multiple SSIDs : 8 per radio (16 in total)  
Technical Specification
LAN interface : 1 x 10/100/1000 Base TX  
Supported WLAN Standards : 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 and 5 GHz  
Power over Ethernet (PoE) : 802.3at (PoE+)  
Number of antennas : 3 external  
Number of radios : 2  
MIMO capabilities : 3x3:3  
Power consumption (max.) : 13W  
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (WxHxD) 183 (W) x 36 (H) x 183 (D) mm  
Weight 505g  
Mounting options Desktop/wall  

Plug & Play DeploymentPlug & Play Deployment
Deploying Sophos Access Points is easy. Automatic setup and configuration means multiple wireless access points are up and running in minutes.

Simply plug the access point in and it automatically appears in the Sophos UTM user interface. Enable them from the console, and within seconds they become operational.

Reliable Mesh Networking
Sophos Access Points are ideal for creating multiple separate wireless zones. Configure a wireless network to provide employees access to internal network resources. On the same access point, you can offer wireless guests Internet access. Do it all without compromising the integrity of the internal network.

Access points include the dual-band, dual-radio AP 50, that can act as a repeater or bridge to extend Wi-Fi coverage to hard to wire areas.

Easy Guest Access
Set up guest hotspots for visitors or BYOD devices to control access to company resources. You get secure, easy-to-manage guest access out-of-the-box—without extra appliances, licenses or complex configuration.

Fully customizable login pages and vouchers based upon templates—so you design the user experience and promote your company brand
Automated mobile-device hotspot registration and authentication via SMS
Set bandwidth limits and enforce inappropriate content filtering
Strong EncryptionStrong Encryption
Sophos UTM supports the strongest encryption and authentication standards available. Simply use your existing backend authentication, such as Active Directory, to allow quick and easy access for your employees. Know your wireless connections are completely secure.

WPA2-Enterprise in combination with IEEE 802.1X (RADIUS authentication)
Block-based encryption, providing the highest level of assurance that data is protected
Sophos UTM monitoring easily detects failed authentication attempts
Optimized PerformanceOptimized Performance
You get the ultimate in wireless performance with Sophos UTM and our Wireless Access Points.

Support for the latest high-speed wireless standards including 802.11ac and 802.11n for up to Gigabit wireless speeds
Automated channel selection and optimization for maximum performance and minimum interference under any situation

Complete UTM Security
Sophos Access Points send wireless traffic to the Sophos UTM appliance, where all security applications run.

Wireless users get the same level of security as if they were connected physically to the LAN
Add additional UTM protection modules to take full control of your network including network applications, quality-of-service, web surfing and more
Simple ManagementSimple Management
At Sophos, simplicity is our mantra. You’ll have complete control over all the security features you need all in one place, with none of the complexity.

We've invested heavily in streamlining our interface. This way you won't have to reach for the manual every time you need to update a policy or change a setting. So you're never more than a couple clicks from completing your task.

Complete on-box reporting
Our built-in reporting means you’ll know exactly what's happening with your users. Fix problems fast and shape your policies, keeping your users secure while boosting network performance. And, you get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required.

At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends with predefined and customizable reports, providing key web activity. Report anonymization hides user names, requiring the four-eyes-principle to unhide them.

Flexible deploymentFlexible deployment
Sophos UTM gives you complete security—from the network firewall to endpoint antivirus—in a single modular appliance.

Install as hardware, software or a virtual appliance or even in the cloud
License our protection modules individually. Or, you can choose one of our pre-packaged licenses
Centrally manage multiple appliances through IPsec VPN tunnels with our Free UTM Manager

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