Patton SN4638/5BIS/UI Smartnode 5 BRI VoIP IAD - 8 VoIP Call; Passthrough Relay; H.323 and SIP, Internal UI Power.

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The award-winning SmartNode 4630, with up to 5 BRI ports and 8 simultaneous voice channels, is the best way to connect ISDN networks to the world of voice over IP. It enables small offices/remote offices to lower communication costs and provides business-class Internet telephony for demanding ISDN users.

Voice Signaling
• SIPv2
• H.323v4
• SIP call transfer, redirect
• Overlap or en-bloc dialing
• DTMF in-band, out-of-band
• Configurable tones
Call Routing & Services
• Regular expression number matching
• Regular expression number manipulation
• Least Cost Routing
• Number blocking
• Short-Dialing
• Digit collection
• Distribution- and Hunt- Groups
• 3/5 BRI So ports, RJ-45
• NT/TE configurable per port
• Built-in line power on each port (total 4W)
• DSS1, Q.921, Q.931. NTT-64
• Point-point and point-multipoint
• Lifeline Bypass Relay
• Optional QSIG support*
Voice Processing
• G.711m/A-law
• G.723.1 (6.4Kbps)
• G.729, 729a, 729ab (8Kbps)
• G.726 (16 ,24, 32, 40 Kbps)
• G.168 echo cancellation (25ms)
• 4/8 simultaneous low-bandwidth voice or T.38 fax calls
• Transparent ISDN data
• Silence suppression and comfort noise
• Adaptive and configurable dejitter buffer
• Configurable packet length
IP Quality of Service
• Voice priority, DownStreamQoS
• Traffic Management, shaping policing
• IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.1Q, 4096 VLANs (Tag insertion/deletion), TOS, DiffServ Labeling
• Two 10/100 Ethernet ports
• Auto-MDIX
• DHCP Client
• PPPoE Client (multi-session)
• IP Multi-Netting, VLAN, Secondary IP
• IPv4, RIPv2, ICMP
• Dynamic and static NAT and NAPT
• ACL Firewall
• DHCP Server
• SNTP Client
• Optional IPSec VPN (DES, 3DES, AES)
• Web-based GUI
• Fully Documented CLI
• Telnet and HTTP access
• TFTP configuration up- and download
• TFTP firmware upgrade
• SNMPv1 agent (MIB II and private MIB)
• Built-in diagnostic tools
• Secure Auto-Provisioning
Power & Packaging
• Desktop metal chassis
• Dimension: 280/39/157 mm (W/H/D)
• Weight: < 600g
• Power Consumption < 10W
Operating Environment
• Operating temperature: 32 - 104°F (0 - 40°C)
• Operating humidity: up to 90% , non condensing

• 5 Ports Quality ISDN VoIP
  - 5 ISDN BRI So ports, 8 low-bandwidth voice or T.38 fax calls. Advanced adaptive traffic management and shaping for maximum voice quality. Voice prioritization and DownStreamQoS
• Full Telephony Features
  - SessionRouter allows flexible call routing and numbering plan adaptations, CLIP/CLIR, hold, transfer, and much more.
• Management & Provisioning
  - Web-based management, SNMP, command line interface, & auto-provisioning for automated configuration & SW upgrades.
• Complete Access Routing
  - Two 10/100 Ethernet ports with auto MDI-X. Access router with NAT, Firewall, PPPoE, DHCP, DynDNS & VPN with IPsec
• Full VoIP protocol support
  - SIPv2, H.323v4, ISDN, DSS1, QSIG*, T.38, fax and modem bypass, DTMF relay.
• Outstanding Interoperability
  - Interoperable for voice and T.38 fax with leading SIP service providers, soft-switch vendors, and Asterisk IP-PBX