MOBOTIX MX-NPA-POE-INT-SET 802.3af PoE Injector, uses power source from 12 to 57V DC

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The Compact, Versatle, Multifunctional PoE Injector.

The MOBOTIX Network Power Adapter Set (NPA-PoE set) is a high-quality, robust, ultra-compact and, above all, multifunctional PoE injector with three connectors (network, camera/PoE device, PC) and a universal power supply unit with interchangeable adapter plugs.

  •  Direct PC connection without a switch thanks to the crossover function
  •  Connects to electrical power using a power supply unit
  •  Suitable for use with power sources from 12 V to 42 V
  •  Suitable for all PoE-supplied (MOBOTIX) network cameras and Mx2wire+
  •  Suitable for all standard PoE devices conforming to IEEE 802.3af (e.g., VoIP phone, netbooks, routers etc.)
  •  Suitable for international use thanks to interchangeable power supply adapters
  •  Can be connected to the end device using an Ethernet cable up to 100 m in length
  •  Nominal data - input 12 V to 42 V DC
  •  Nominal data - output 48 V DC; PoE conforming to IEEE 802.3af: PoE classes, 1 to 3 (max. 12.95 W) 16 V input voltage or higher, PoE classes 1 and 2 (max. 6.49 W) at 12 V to 16 V input voltage
  •  Ambient temperature -30 to +60 °C