BrickElectric BEM401-H Peer to Peer Ethernet TCP/IP LAN Web access controller kit (pair)

Ethernet Relay Pair

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The BE-M401 transmits on/off signals remotely through Ethernet/Internet. With this module you don't need to use any controllers or computers.

  • Peer to peer control
  • WEB control
  • Software update via Internet
  • Hardware Reset
  • 5 - 24 VDC power supply
  • EasyBus - simple solution
  • LAN mode
  • DHCP - Plug and play
  • Internet mode
  • Password Protection

The BE-M401 is a Wide Supply Input, Ethernet Remote Relay Pair.

Each pair includes 2 relay modules (A1 and A2), and each module is equipped with 1 output channel and 1 input channel, and can be purchased with housing open type board.

Its Ethernet connector provides a 10/100baseT interface. It supports peer to peer control, EasyBus-TCP, HTTP control, Internet control protocols, and is able to work without any external servers or computers.

Switch a contact at one module input of the BEM401, and the other module output will act in the same manner.