Ubiquiti LAP-GPS LiteAP airMAX ac Sector AP with GPS

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The Ubiquiti airMax LiteAP™ GPS ac is an ultra-lightweight airMAX ac Access Point with incredible performance and disruptive pricing. LiteAP GPS supports GPS Sync for faster, more scalable, carrier-class networks, with 90% higher throughout than competing solutions. Synchronize your network and do more with less spectrum. With GPS Sync, get superior performance with half the number of channels.

The LiteAP™ GPS ac features a 2x2 MIMO antenna and communicates with multiple airMAX ac CPEs within a 90° coverage area. The LiteAP GPS ac features a lightweight antenna with an integrated radio in a sleek and highly efficient design. Featuring the freedom of three-axis alignment, the LiteAP GPS ac fully assembles in seconds – no tools needed. Only a single wrench is required for pole-mounting.

The Ubiquiti LAP-GPS combines proprietary hardware and software technologies to deliver its breakthrough combination of throughput and range with cost-effective value.

  • Lightweight and Sleek Design
  • Built in Management Radio
  • 450+ Mbps
  • GPS Synchronization
  • Versatile Mounting
  • Gigabit Ethernet