Cel-Fi RPR-CF-00982 GO G41 Signal Booster for 2Degrees

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Cel-Fi GO4 (G41) represents the latest in 4G cellular repeater technology. Building on the success of the GO2 model, GO4 has a higher output power providing the largest coverage area of all GO models.

Cel-Fi GO4 is ideal for inbuilding cellular coverage applications for 2Degrees.

Add a donor antenna for outdoor installation, a coverage antenna for inside the building, with cable lengths to suit.

The higher output power means more service antennas can be run from the one repeater, and by popular request, the unit now has an RJ45 Ethernet network interface for remote management.

Expanding on GO2’s dual-band functionality, GO4 supports carrier aggregation with 40 MHz of relay bandwidth.

  • 3G, 4G, VoLTE, NB-IoT
  • Up to 3000 m2 coverage area
  • Two bands simultaneous relay
  • Total System Relay Bandwidth – Up to 40 MHz
  • Remote Monitoring, Control, and Alert Capabilities via WAVE Portal (for approved installers)
  • Ethernet Port for connection to internet source for live monitoring

The Cel-Fi GO G41 Smart Signal Repeater is designed to solve cellular coverage problems for voice and data. With support for 5G NR operation in traditional LTE bands, the system supports seamless migration to 5GNR. At up to 100 dB of gain, it is the most powerful carrier grade solution available.

The Cel-Fi GO G41 covers up to 3,000 square meters of indoor space per system. Configure with donor and server antennas, or expand options with outdoor or multiple server antennas. The Nextivity commitment is to protect the operator’s network, deliver the best cellular performance, and be the easiest solution to install.


The signal booster solution explained.

This Cellular Signal Booster (repeater / amplifier) is a device used to improve cell phone reception in an indoor outdoor environment.

A cell phone repeater solution is typically made up of three primary components:

A "donor" antenna - also called a "reception" antenna
A bi-directional signal amplifier (the Signal Booster)
One or more coverage (re-broadcast) antennas