Cel-Fi RPR-CF-00488 GO Signal Booster for Vodafone One NZ

Add an outdoor antenna and an antenna for inside the building, with cable lengths to suit.

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The Cel-Fi GO Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Vodafone to use on the Vodafone Mobile Network.

Includes adhesive mount antenna with 3m cable.

  • Supports 3G (900) and 4G (700/1800) (one band range at a time)
  • Designed for building applications
  • 100dB of system gain (latest software update required using WAVE App)
  • Locked to the Vodafone NZ Mobile Network
  • Carrier approved
  • Band Selection Button
  • Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers

Add donor antenna and a coverage antenna for inside the building, with cable lengths to suit.

The signal booster solution explained.

This Cellular Signal Booster (repeater / amplifier) is a device used to improve cell phone reception in an indoor outdoor environment.

A cell phone repeater solution is typically made up of three primary components:

A "donor" antenna - also called a "reception" antenna
A bi-directional signal amplifier (the Signal Booster)
One or more coverage (re-broadcast) antennas